that comply with
The Data Protection Act
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CCTVsigns.co.uk produce and supply CCTV warning signs that comply with
The Data Protection Act.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Information Commissioner's Office?
The Information Commissioner's Office is a UK independent supervisory authority reporting directly to the UK Parliament. They oversee and enforce compliance with The Data Protection Act.
How many years have CCTVsigns.co.uk been supplying quality signs?
10 years - clients include national stores, manufactures and property owner and private homes
Which design and material is the most popular?
The A3 yellow rigid plastic design PE
What is the normal turn around time for a small order of 2 signs?
Normally within 24 hours
Are all the signs CCTVsigns.co.uk compliant to the present Data Protection Act?
Yes, unless a client has requested something non compliant (they are always advised if this is the case).
Are all the signs CCTVsigns.co.uk weatherproof?
What rights do I have under the DPA?
The Act gives you various rights to control the way your personal information is used.
visit www.ico.gov.uk for more detailed information
What are the 8 Principles put in place by the Data Protection Act 1998 to make sure that your information is handled properly.
1, fairly and lawfully processed;
2, processed for limited purposes;
3, adequate, relevant and not excessive;
4, accurate;
5, not kept for longer than is necessary;
6, processed in line with your rights;
7, secure; and,
8, not transferred to countries without adequate protection.
By law data controllers have to keep to these principles.
What is the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, doing to simplify the understanding of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)?
1, Strengthening the Data Protection Helpline to ensure swift assistance for organisations who are concerned about problems interpreting the Data Protection Act
2, Developing more practical and user friendly guidance for organisations
3, A renewed call for responses to the ICO's 'Making Data Protection Simpler' consultation originally announced in the summer of 2003
4, A commitment to plain English in all ICO communications, avoiding wherever possible phrases such as data subject and Schedule - 2 basis for processing.
Is information is held about you?
If you want to know whether information is held about you and if so what, you will need to write to the person or organisation you believe holds the information. This is known as a 'subject access request'. You should ask for a copy of all the information held about you to which the Act applies. If you are not sure who to write to within an organisation address your letter to the 'Company Secretary', or contact the contact name given on the register of Data Controllers which is kept by the Information Commissioner.
tel: 02380 898741
e: Info@CCTVsigns.co.uk